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What Influences Our Wants & Needs

(What makes us desire one over the other?)

Our emotions plays a huge role in what we desire. So, are what we desire natural? or are they influenced by an outside source? I believe that our preferences are influenced by both. We desire certain things based on what we like or dislike. With this basic knowledge, advertisers like to target their audience through emotional stimulation, thus increasing or decreasing our desires.

“One reason why advertisers often use humor, sex and other emotionally evocative stimuli in their advertisements is because of the assumption that the company will benefit from its association with those stimuli,”

There has been other factors studied that takes into consideration of why we desire certain things. For one, people desire what is forbidden. Two; especially if that desire is denied to us.

"Burning desire to be or do something gives us staying power - a reason to get up every morning or to pick ourselves up and start in again after a disappointment."

The two claims with these factors is that a) our desire is greater when the object is real and attainable; b) our desire is greater when the object is imaginary and unattainable. So, do we desire the one we have, or do we desire the one we imagine having, more?

Imaginary or unttainable desires leaves a person feeling as if they have an "unfinished business."

(Decisions, decisions..)

The desire is incomplete, or has not yet arrived; leaving the person desiring for it more. I think this is because it leaves us with a sense of hope that we might attain it sooner or later.

Something that is attainable needs no attention since it is likely to be perceived as being granted already. On the other hand, incomplete experiences, which are a kind of unfinished business, are more desirable because, among other aspects, they require more effort to be invested in them, which can cause them to be perceived as more worthy. In conclusion, we are influenced by our natural instincts, which are also influenced by outside sources, such as advertisements, that takes a dab at controlling how we think or feel. Do we really need or want these desires? Perhaps not always, but humans, I believe, are easier at adapting to changes, which allows for us to constantly crave new things or to reject them.