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Exposition Through My Eyes

What is expository writing? This is a question that never crossed my mind prior to taking this course and if it were given to me I never would have had an answer or at least a solid one. This course has given me the knowledge to now give what I feel to be a pretty efficient definition.
Exposition I feel is a process. It is a process that requires a lot of digging and researching. Some serious in depth analyzing needs to take place. Exposition allows you to uncover things that could not be seen with the naked eye. You go deep into the history and into the background of what is being analyzed. I feel the difference between persuasion and exposition is that persuasion is trying to convince someone of something. You are trying to change their way of thinking and make them see things the way you see it. Exposition I feel is similar in the sense that you are trying to make someone see things the way you see it but you have the facts to back it up. What is being revealed is actually the truth that can be proved so that one is more likely to accept the information being given.
Expository writing allows you to awaken and personify what is being discussed. For example, throughout this course
I had to practically dissect a jar of cream. In the mist of me dissecting or analyzing this jar I began to give it an identity or better yet its identity became visible to me. Once it received an identity I able to better understand it therefore able to unveil its true meaning. That is another aspect that I feel really is the essence of expository writing. Expository writing really is unveiling what others can not see. It is so exciting to uncover the unknown.


What Does Value Mean to you?

Before taking this course if someone asked me the value of anything I would have more than likely immediately thought of it from a monetary standpoint. Now I see things completely different. Many things in this life you simply can't put a price on. No amount of money in world can measure up to the value of some things.

In my opinion there is not just one correct definition for "value". Value holds a ton of different meanings that vary from person to person. My definition of value would be how something or someone makes you FEEL. The price of the object has absolutely nothing to do with its true value I feel. This is where people sometimes get lost and lose touch with what really matters. Many people think money money money when in reality that's not what truly matters. Lets take human life for example. There is no amount of money on the face of this earth that could be traded for human life. Human life is priceless and holds a value that is unattainable with any amount of money. I think I can speak for everyone when I say human life is quite valuable. Ironically however it is the things that are priceless that many people take for granted like human life!!

Now there are things in this life that are quite expensive and yet hold value beyond the amount of money spent on it. A great example of this would be education. I am a firm believer of the old saying "knowledge is power". Unfortunately knowledge comes at a steep price. We spend loads and loads of money to obtain a college degree in order to have a "better life". The very life that is precious and holds such a high value. Although we grunt and despise spending all of this money the knowledge gained and what we as individuals can concur utilizing it is its true value.

At the end of the day the value of something or someone is what you make of it. It is quite relative. An old rusty watch could appear to hold no significant to one person but be priceless to the next. That rusty watch could have tons of sweet precious memories of a loved one attached to it or a beautiful history behind it. These factors are what determines the value of something or someone. Things that can't be replaced and memories that can't be duplicated are what makes something priceless.

Listen to your heart when determining the value not the price.

Timeline-Jar of Face Cream

Skincare was very important in the 19th century as it is today. Women went to great lengths to preserve youthful looking skin. During this era, pale skin was highly praised and what many woman aimed for because it was the key characteristic that separated the high class from the working class. In fact there were many face creams that women used which were designed to whiten the face. During this time period it is quite evident that many were not very knowledgeable about the hazards of the ingredients put in some of the face creams. Many face creams would cause serious health conditions for some people. It is very clear that women have always cared a great deal about their appearance and will not stop at any cost to get the desired look. Like the old saying goes “Beauty is Pain”.

Being Descriptive Is Key

Maguire's article was a good read. Although he pretty much states that college students writng skills suck, I have to agree with him beacause he acknowledged that it isn't the students' fault.  He recognizes that us college students write the way we do because it is what we have been taught since grade school.  Teachers have instilled in us that good writing involves incorporating abstract ideas.  Maguire shoots this method down by stating that good writing isn't achieved due to abtract ideas but instead it is in fact accomplished by writing physically.

"Student papers are often unreadable not only because their grammar is bad and their sentences incomplete, but also because they are way, way too abstract. " 

My interpretation of what Maguire was saying here is that writing abstractly leads to the writings becoming too wordy.  All words with no meaning or depth.  Writing using physical objects allows one to be descriptive and to express themselves thoroughly.  Writing using physical objects gives you the opportunity to paint a picture for the reader.  Through your descriptions the reader is able to visualize what is being said.